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WAYFINDERS | Why Co-operatives? …

“Co-operatives offer a solution to the economic challenges of our times no matter whether we are talking goods & services, or both. They give people control of the businesses they are closest to – whether they shop at them, work at them, or supply them. ” Continue reading

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COOPERATIVES: The 7th Principles.

COOPERATIVES | The 7th Principles – I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve two emerging cooperative efforts, both also serving the social enterprise envelop as well. One is co-led by my friend, colleague and fellow-traveller Randal Adcock who … Continue reading

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Wayfinders Cooperative: Local Economics

WAYFINDERS COOPERATIVE ® | Supporting Small Businesses | Often small businesses are owned and operated by family members; a cost efficient way to run and sustain the cash flow during the start-up phase. Small business pay close attention to the … Continue reading

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The Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University has released a report on how technological change could impact youth employment in Canada in the future. The authors find that Canadians aged 15 to 24 are highly vulnerable to the effects … Continue reading

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Wayfinders Business Cooperative®

WAYFINDERS COOPERATIVE ® | Diverse – Inclusive – Participatory – Democratic. Navigating the 21st Century Cooperatively. > At one time, we thought technological changes would simplify our lives. However, technology has helped create information overload and the number of choices we face adds … Continue reading

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SOCIAL ENTERPRISE | We are going to start featuring more frequently, the emerging social enterprise and the cooperative sectors in our city, province/country. Our aim is to spotlight creative, empowering and new economic development initiatives that are incrementally contributing to the … Continue reading

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FYI | Shootings at Quebec City Mosque.

FYI | Message from Robert Philp, Queen’s Counsel, Chief of the Commission and Tribunals | Alberta. Re: Shooting at a Quebec City Mosque | “I am shocked and extremely saddened about the violent attack on the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec … Continue reading

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