COVID-19 | Questions & Answers …


QUESTION: would we emerge a more compassionate society after this        pandemic|economic shock is over? Many answers.

  • Certainly possible, but it will depend on how people are able to cope, get support and engage in the long recovery. If the usual politicos get into cutting public services to address the deficit, the suffering of many could lead to some ugliness, social “disorder” if you will. Or, maybe not; many would be facing hard times; the scarcity mindset would emerge and settle-in. But perhaps this is when we show others the creativity and abundance of other forms of capital (social, cultural, human) that cooperatives and social enterprises are good at revealing and harnessing. Then one can only hope that if this goes on for a while I would hope the new ways will become second nature.
  • On the other hand there will be a whole group of folks chopping at the bits to make things happen faster and without regard for anyone. Time will tell. But then; I wouldn’t bet on it. Look back in history; recent and past, humans have very poor retention. The shocks from events like 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, the 2007 housing bubble and mortgage fraud in the US; these were all devastating and far reaching events, [people were impacted] but, only temporary, before they soon forgot. I think this is all somehow tied to human greed, envy, the darkness of human traits. Then; there is a possibility that if people learn something and treat each other with much respect things could become much better – because nobody really knows what the future holds for us. There could be another big disaster just around the corner, or another pandemic much worse than COVID-19.
  • Let’s get real; we are doomed. You just need to see the history of the world, and the human race. The 2 WW, empires and geopolitics. You know, God gave us everything and we blew it. Maybe this is how mother hearth gets rid of us, for the next wave of creation? Creation has cycles; other cultures gone have left knowledge and experience behind. On the other hand; it would depend on how people use their time and if they give in to fear. Something is changing; can’t quite yet put my hands on it. Sure; but it can go either way.
  • A society of massive surveillance, self-surveillance & being watched by others (friends, colleagues, family members). Basically, a state of surveillance. Or we could say goodbye to this neoliberal austerity, mean-spirited nightmare and move towards a beautiful society of Walker cooperatives and strong public systems. There are a lot of forces at play who would love to see the former happen. It would be very good for people like Bill gates, Jeff Bezos and the likes. Time will tell … But, on the other hand, I am a perpetual optimistic; I give you this. It will require a concerted & intentional effort of many; people will feel empathy for others, and understand the need for solidarity & mutual support – it will be tough for older adults and seniors however; the new “normal” will be challenging in any realm …

© The People, Edmonton, AB 2020

About communitynetworks

Leo Campos A. is a Storyteller, Community Organizer|Cultural Worker, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Personal Coach, Translator|Interpreter and a Bilingual Conscious Advertising Professional, based in Edmonton (Canada). He is also a part-time advisor & community outreach person with the cloud platform Wayfinders Business Cooperative ©
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