Indigenous Empowerment: Tools for Change | by Sonia Molodecky | Natural resource development is the driving force of many economies in the developing world – Latin America, Africa and Asia. Mining is also something we all rely on – our cell phones, computers, iPads even have 10% gold as a highly effective conductor of electricity. But it is not being done in a way that is environmentally or socially sustainable. Conflict is prevalent. Deaths too common. Communities are being exploited. Environment is being ravaged at unprecedented rates. Companies are losing billions. Governments are not benefiting. The model is broken. We at GIDT believe that by giving indigenous peoples the tools and empowering them to participate as informed actors, they will be in control of their own development and resource development can be done better.

Sonia Molodecky is Co-Founder and President of the Global Indigenous Development Trust, an international development organization comprised of leading Aboriginal leaders, which focuses on empowering indigenous communities with the tools to contributed to sustainable economic development and participatory processes in the natural resource sector. After a successful career as a corporate lawyer managing large, multi-stakeholder projects in the natural resource sector at Canada’s largest law firm, and as national chair of the firm’s Latin American Group, Sonia found a need for a more balanced approach to resource development where indigenous peoples are empowered participants in Latin America’s resource boom. – TED © |


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Leo Campos A. is a Storyteller, Community Organizer|Cultural Worker, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Personal Coach, Translator|Interpreter and a Bilingual Conscious Advertising Professional, based in Edmonton (Canada). He is also a part-time advisor & community outreach person with the cloud platform Wayfinders Business Cooperative ©
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