Cooperatives 2018IN THE NEWS | KING’S UNIVERSITY > FACULTY of BUSINESS | You will be pleased to know that soon, we (Wayfinders Business Cooperative) will be involved with King’s University Faculty of Business and their Community Engaged Research Program https://www.kingsu.ca/programs/additional-academics/cer (CER). This program builds upon the research capacities of community partners by supporting important initiatives – in this case, Wayfinders Business Cooperative. Through CER + 3 students assigned to us, we’ll be exploring key areas, such as sustainability of cooperatives; best practices of cooperatives, best practices of emerging platform cooperatives (such as ourselves) and our constantly evolving business model/plan. This initiative starts in early 2019; of course, we’ll be sharing findings as it goes along. We thank our friend and colleague David Long, faculty at King’s University for his interest & support; the CER Program which he leads & the kind people at Faculty of Business. – LCA


About communitynetworks

Leo Campos A. is a Storyteller, Community Organizer|Cultural Worker, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Personal Coach, Translator|Interpreter and a Bilingual Conscious Advertising Professional, based in Edmonton (Canada). He is also a part-time advisor & community outreach person with the cloud platform Wayfinders Business Cooperative ©
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