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Wayfinders > Diversity & Inclusion | It is easy to talk about diversity & inclusion – the challenge is the practice of it, in short how do we welcome newcomers into our entities and communities? It starts with a smile, perhaps an invitation to tea, coffee or refreshments, even dinner at your place. Ask them to bring something unique theirs along, and set a tone of recognition and celebration of our diverse nationalities and contributions to our nationhood.

Volunteering time with immigration and settlement agencies in our city would be another way – there are quite a few of them; simply ask around. If you have been reading or changing your own perception of immigrants & refugees in Canada and it is more positive & life affirming, definitely engaging, why not share your views and shape the tone and quality of the conversations on social media? I am always self-aware as to how I am dealing with my own cultural background, values, beliefs and assumptions? Do they help me to better participate in society, and do they invite others into my world in significant ways – am I open to learn about other cultural journeys, traditions and ways of being in the world?

Maybe hosting a monthly conversation at work on culture, diversity, racism, inclusion and exclusionary practices including gender, race, ethnicity, social or professional class – pay attention, and be mindful. Our City is a marvellous vessel of a range of humans from the forth corners of the planet – make a point of partaking in some of the events hosted by the city and remember Heritage Days in August – mingle, open up your world to others – let them in; become a mentor of new immigrants and/or refugees. You will be helping to build a better city, community, country and planet. And; remember to have some fun too! https://youtu.be/2g88Ju6nkcg | LCA


About communitynetworks

Leo Campos A. is a Storyteller, Community Organizer|Cultural Worker, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Personal Coach, Translator|Interpreter and a Bilingual Conscious Advertising Professional, based in Edmonton (Canada). He is also a part-time advisor & community outreach person with the cloud platform Wayfinders Business Cooperative ©
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