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WHY CO-OPERATIVES? | I have been involved for some time with an amazing emerging project called Wayfinders Business Cooperative © | a cooperative platform social enterprise http://www.wayfindersbuscoop.com  based in Edmonton. You already know co-operatives have a powerful and positive influence on our world. They can transform our economy for good & help to create more constructive and compassionate communities; even, a healthier planet.

Before going further, and if you are not familiar with cooperatives, in this 25 min. Podcast, Kyle, Dan, and Aasa from Co-operatives First discuss the different definitions of co-operatives, the seven co-operative principles, and the ways co-ops are different from other business models. – https://cooperativesfirst.com/blog/2018/04/13/new-podcast-what-makes-a-co-op/

What do people get out cooperatives? In the case of Wayfinders Business Cooperative © as well as receiving member-owner benefits, such as commerce/trading, professional services, say bookkeeping/accounting, and so forth, people will be providing vital backing for new applications & services for the self-employed and/or small business person/entrepreneurs – and because we are a co-operative, any profits made will be reinvested in our entity and of course, its members-owners.

The main Benefits of being in a Co-operative come to (a) ownership – members (owners) have a stake in the enterprise (b) benefits and risks are shared among members (owners) (c) pride, productivity and innovation from the strength in numbers, diversity and talents within.

Co-operatives offer a solution to the economic challenges of our times > no matter whether we are talking goods & services, or both https://www.uk.coop | they give people control of the businesses they are closest to – whether they shop at them, work at them, or supply them. And they give people control over things that matter to them, in the process boosting productivity, harnessing innovation and giving them a stake. That is the co-operative advantage. Want to know more? Get in touch! | LCA


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