COOPERATIVES: The 7th Principles.

COOPERATIVES | The 7th Principles – I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve two emerging cooperative efforts, both also serving the social enterprise envelop as well. One is co-led by my friend, colleague and fellow-traveller Randal Adcock who some time ago developed the Wayfinders Business Cooperative © concept as a mean to foster cooperation/collaboration and solve in practical ways the lack or limited access to affordable management tools organizations and individuals face. You can read a bit more of his story on their website:

FOOD COOPERATIVES | Then, along the way come another friend/fellow traveller Paul Belanger an amazing environmentalist, entrepreneur and designer since 1987. He launched in 1997 an ecological design entity called Living Design Systems and was recognized with 2 provincial design awards in 2012. He has been the active Chair of the Green Foundation and is leading on a food cooperative project called the Calahoo Gardens Food Growers Co-op. They are just updating their website with fresh new content and I will post their URL as soon as the work is completed. What I can tell you however is that the Calahoo Gardens Food Growers Co-op is a collection of small enterprises, including market gardening, food production/processing and good & services. Wish to connect with Paul? Let me know – I would be glad to facilitate such.

COMMUNITY ECONOMICS | What they have in common is the remarkable enthusiasm, resilience and in some cases visionary calling among those leading and/or participating in such endeavours. No venture of such nature is without risk of failure – yet, those actively engaged in this path towards economic self-reliance show an incredible level of tolerance to risk, and extraordinary stamina – it is indeed a powerful calling! This two entities, Wayfinders Cooperative © and the Calahoo Gardens Food Growers Co-op © have many common goals, and follow the 7th Cooperative Principles such as 1. Voluntary and Open Membership 2. Democratic Member Control 3. Members’ Economic Participation 4. Autonomy and Independence 5. Education, Training and Information 6. Cooperation among Cooperatives 7. Concern for Community | Intrigued about co-operatives? Splendid! When you have a moment, please visit: 

SERVICE & COMMUNITY I remain at your service. YOU and the individuals & communities I serve remain at the center of what I do. I thank you for your support and your kind feedback; if I can be helpful, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Gratitude | LCA


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1 Response to COOPERATIVES: The 7th Principles.

  1. asabetgh says:

    Hi Leo May I have a link to more information about green foundation that Paul is chairing. Also, is Calahoo Gardens Food Growers Co-op registered as a food coop as of this date? Did I have any role at all in bringing the notion of Food and Food coop into the attention of Wayfinders?

    Regards, Ahmad Sabetghadam (Ben Sabet), PhD Intercultural International Education Community Engagement & Program Development Food & Digital Literacy Program Specialist


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