Wayfinders Cooperative: Local Economics

WAYFINDERS COOPERATIVE ® | Supporting Small Businesses | Often small businesses are owned and operated by family members; a cost efficient way to run and sustain the cash flow during the start-up phase. Small business pay close attention to the essentials, meaning operating costs; rent, employee wages, overall  management, inventory, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting and valued-added services. Depending the nature of the endeavour, factors impacting the viability of a small business range from its own financial capacity, location, business – community profile, special events and weather.

Let’s say a small restaurant for instance; any increase in the price of commodities, food, utilities, fuel, maintenance, labour minimum wage would have an immediate impact in the livelihood of its owners. Then; there is the always changing consumer attitude, behaviour, and overall spending habits. Whether goods or services, small business owners rely on consumers and their choice-patronage. Then, there is the relational story, the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with a given place, getting to know their story, family members, unique talents and gifts.

For example; next time you go to a small restaurant or café to meet friends/colleagues introduce them to the venue; get the right person to tell a bit of their story, or something about the food & drinks featured – that’s the beginning of a business relationship that could be surprisingly endearing. Generally speaking try to spend $10-20 dollars with generous tips if you’re happy with their food & service, and overall hospitality. The idea is to support & encourage small business, and help them to succeed – you can also get one of their gift cards for that special friend/clients; even write a comment-review on social media or their website would be appreciated and you would feel part of their journey as well. – © Ben Sabet


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