Wayfinders Business Cooperative®

WAYFINDERS BUSINESS COOPERATIVE ® | Diverse – Inclusive – Participatory – Democratic. Navigating the 21st Century Cooperatively. > At one time, we thought technological changes would simplify our lives. However, technology has helped create information overload and the number of choices we face adds to the complexity of business operations. Small and medium enterprises, independent contractors, non-profits/charities, and social enterprises, and civil society at-large are often unable to take advantage of tools and applications because they cannot navigate their way through the complexities of modern management science and technologies. As a result local economic performance is not optimal.

In an effort to grasp the nuances of innumerable options, people often spend hours tumbling down the internet rabbit hole only to find themselves more confused than when they began. Instead of clarifying options, explorations leave them in a morass of information with no vision on how to implement new strategies. Instead of moving forward, even the most innovative business stalls.

But what if these same organizations and individuals had easier access to advanced management tools and practice? The possibilities become endless for every organization from the non-profit that needs help with branding, marketing, and bookkeeping to the established business that wants to expand into global markets but doesn’t have the knowledge or tools to do so.

Wayfinders Business Cooperative ® helps members, organizations & businesses with the knowledge, support, and guidance they need to fully participate in their local economy while taking advantage of global economies of scale. The cooperative offers training in, and the use of, the advanced management tools, methods and open data that make large corporations successful. Online business match-making, collaboration and innovation applications support formation of regional industry clusters. An online marketplace supports local shopping.

As social – cooperative enterprise, taking full advantage of both digital and face-to -face opportunities, members create a simple, yet powerful environment in which they do their greatest meaningful work with minimal stress. With advanced tools they strategically navigate choices, make tactical decisions and accelerate growth.

Members share in the benefits traditionally provided by the cooperative model: education, community knowledge, mentorship, democratic member control, and built-in resiliency. Using the power of community, they create an intelligence matrix to which each contributes and from which each draws on a routine basis. By contributing their knowledge to the cooperative, members help others while helping themselves and the entities they represent and/or are associated with.

Wayfinders Business Cooperative ® is in the early stages of development. We are forming a governance committee, meeting with potential stakeholders and creating consultative groups so we can gauge the needs our members are likely to have. Should this opportunity interest you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And; do visit our evolving website here: http://www.wayfindersbuscoop.com Thanks; Gracias, Merci!

Randal Adcock, President & Chief Innovation Officer

Leo Campos Aldunez, Advisor & Community Outreach


About communitynetworks

Social Marketing, Information Broadcasting & Community/Cultural Worker.
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