AMERICA: November 09, 2016.

November 9th presents an opportunity to start a new kind of dialog in America. Not only is it an opportunity, but respectful dialog is an imperative for our cousins across the southern line. The unbridled sibling rancor cannot be allowed to escalate. We have no alternate parental recourse to intervene.

If good Americans do not raise their quiet voices in numbers against the formation of war camps and deliver the sage wisdom that formed much of the American way, then, violence will eventually have its way. There are always two things that can happen in nature – things come together or they come apart. Humans can choose to work together or they can kill each other. In today’s crowded planet, avoidance is not an option.

Angry strategic and tactical name-calling is not what made America great. The great nation is built on calm deliberative contemplation and a fundamental respect that the opponent is not evil. I have seen and heard with my own senses how some people will manipulate the thoughts and feelings of others for personal or tribal gain. By ‘tribal’ I mean any kind of camp – ethnic, religious, political, socio-economic class or other.

I am seeing this pattern of behavior being played out on the big screen, played out with tens of millions of innocent victims. It is easy to play on fears and doubts and tribal differences. Those instincts are often close to the surface in all humans.

But in today’s complex world in which you don’t know what or who to believe, when you barely have a moment alone with your thoughts to figure out what you really want for yourself… it is too easy to play on the worst of our inner demons.

It has always been easier to destroy than to build. That is written in the physical code of nature. It may seem impossible to set a stage for reconciliation. It will be easier on November 9th and the days to follow than it will be if the disrespect and conflict are allowed to fester. I, too, am guilty of getting in on the mob-behavior online. Though it is tempting to join the mob, it really is not helpful.

We are going to have to dig deeper into the human psyche and retrieve some forgotten fundamental skills to rebuild trust in a big way. Viral anger can escalate with incredible speed and leave us all wondering what happened. Before it is too late: let’s call for Respect, Wisdom, Dialog and Reason. –

© 2016 Randal Adcock

Canada – Winter 2016


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